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Our Place explores the ever-changing relationship between neighbours and our connection to place. Neighbouring arts companies, DeepBlue and The Queensland Choir’s contrasting performance styles combine. Their story is framed by innovative visual design and interactive technology. Featuring acclaimed didjeribone performer Tjupurru, and Digi Youth Arts actors, direction and design this is a unique collaboration; an insightful piece of living, breathing art. With lush strings, fat beats, exquisite voices, and immersive visuals Our Place weaves stories from the Indigenous connection to country, to the suburban ‘Australian Dream,’ to the rising popularity of inner-city apartment living in an astounding musical and artistic collaboration.  For more info click here.   

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Our Place features DeepBlue’s lush strings and unique choreography, a selection of The Queensland Choir’s finest singers, Tjupurru, acclaimed didjeribone performer, and a cast of actors and visual artists from Digi Youth Arts.

Full Cast Our Place Rehearsal
Full Cast Our Place Rehearsal
Tjupurru Rehearsing
DeepBlue Rehearsal
Mixing the recordings
Tangible Media

Our Place is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland. We are also grateful for the support of Brisbane City Council, QUT Creative Industries, QUT Precincts, The Kelvin Grove Community Commerce Association and MLC Kelvin Grove.

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